Watercolor Flowers – from the sketchbook

Most of my watercolor flowers start in a sketchbook. Simple line drawings, that if lucky enough, will serve as reference for a painting.

Sketching is the beginning of a Process

Sketching ideas for watercolor flowers or landscapes helps work out the design, color palette and scale for a finished painting. Sketching also helps to loosen up a little, there is no pressure to get it perfect – its just a way to see if an idea will work on paper.


If a sketch works out well enough, then it is transferred to a piece of watercolor paper. Usually a light pencil drawing using the sketchbook as a guide.

watercolor flowers

flower-sketches This little sketch colored in my sketchbook started out a simple bunch of hanging flowers. It inspired a finished watercolor color painting of bell shaped blossoms swinging in the breeze, and surreal clouds swirling in the background.

[ finished painting "Evening Belles" ]

Landscape Painting – End of Winter


landscape painting

This landscape painting is inspired by a late winter horizon – spotted with the silhouettes of juniper trees, yellow-green fields of grass, and the deep red of a setting sun behind swirling clouds. A watercolor painting that would add a bit of color to any room.

“End of Winter”
watercolor & ink on cold press paper

[ original landscape painting is available ]

End of Winter
On the winter horizon, there sets the sun.
A deep red glow when the day is done.
Behind the clouds reflecting colors,
over the fields – no sign of others.
Night birds take flight one by one,
from the tree silhouettes as evening comes.

Flower Coloring Page: instant download

This flower coloring page will give you and your friends something fun to do on a boring afternoon. Coloring is a great way to spend some time winding down at the end of the day. The design includes thick & thin lines to give your finished drawing more depth. The coloring page will fit on an 8.5″x 11″ page.

[ surreal flowers coloring page ]

Download the .pdf file*, print it out, grab your favorite colors & color the afternoon away.

Flower Coloring Page – print & enjoy!

Coloring pages feature designs created from my original watercolor paintings. Print them out on card stock/heavy paper for best results, and color with your favorite pencils, crayons or markers. Share your finished pages on my Facebook page!

Peacocks at the Dallas Blooms Festival

The Dallas Arboretum is celebrating their 30th Anniversary of the Dallas Blooms Festival. Along with more than 500,000 spring blossoms, there are two giant, fantastic peacocks featured in the Jonsson Color Garden.
Peacocks[ click for a larger view ]

The two topiaries are 13 feet tall with tails made from colorful floral plantings.

Visit the Dallas Arboretum – Dallas Blooms Festival

Dallas Blooms Festival 02/22 – 04/20/2014
8525 Garland Rd. | Dallas, TX 75218