Illustration of Mother Nature

This illustration of Mother Nature cradling a pear was inspired by new life that abounds during the months of Spring. When the warm air starts blowing in, and the green starts to grow up from the ground.

Originally painted in watercolor, this illustration of Mother Nature is available as a fine art print. All of my art prints are made in my studio, and printed on heavy weight watercolor paper with vivid, archival inks.


Holding Pear
Spring arrives washing away
the long darkness of Winter days

Storms rain down and strong winds blow
Colors appear as the trees and flowers grow

Everything that has come to an end
makes room for new things to begin

Mother Nature heals her wear
Nurturing the soil and holding pear

Flowers and Bees Photo Series

[ flowers and bees photo ]

Everything becomes active in the spring, especially flowers and bees. Flowers start growing up through the ground, and their blossoms attract the bees and other bugs to the garden. The bugs attract the birds, and suddenly everything has sprung to life.


bee-3The magnolia tree is filled with big white flowers for many weeks during the spring. Bees are especially drawn to their strong fragrance, and blooms full of pollen and nectar.

I was lucky to catch this happy little bee buzzing around the magnolia tree one morning. The bee was busy concentrating on collecting nectar, and didn’t mind me getting up close with the camera. I captured it as it flew in for a landing, and tumbled around a while in the petals. By the time it was finished, its fuzzy little body was covered in yellow specs and its legs were heavy with pollen.

Flowers and Bees

Bees are important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. When bees land on a flower, like these magnolia flowers, their legs become covered in pollen sacs – like little saddlebags. When the bee flies away, it carries the pollen off with it. Then, when the bee lands on another flower looking for nectar, the collection of pollen falls off, and pollination is underway. [ more about pollination ]

Painting of a Field in progress


From spring to fall, Saturday mornings are spent driving a few towns over to the Downtown Waxahachie Farmer’s Market. We drive past field after field of corn, sunflowers and grain. The way the fields look as they sprawl across the early morning horizon inspired this painting of a field.

Painting of a Field

This watercolor painting of a field started as a sketch in my sketchbook. After spending many seasons driving in the country, the image of farm fields has stayed prominent in my memory. They look so proud, with tall stalks lined up in a row along groups of trees growing in a line. The painting of a field features a big blue Texas sky behind a farm field of golden grain, as it waits for the morning sun.

Flower Art Prints

cherry-blossom-print flower-art-prints

Colorful flower art prints will add a hint of the outdoors to your inside space.


hibiscus-printAfter an original watercolor painting has sold, it becomes available as a giclée art print. Flower art prints are made in my home studio, printed on 140# watercolor paper with an Epson Stylus Pro 7890 printer.

I take careful consideration to ensure each print is produced with colors that represent the original painting. Prints are inspected for quality and signed on the back before packing and shipping.

Flower Art Prints

Popular prints include pink cherry blossoms, hibiscus flower, daisies, lily of the valley, yellow sunflowers and a giant daffodil. There are over 20 images to choose from. Standard sizes are 5 in. x 7 in. and 8 in. x 10 in. Larger sizes and custom quantities are available. [ see more ]

Passion Flower Pictures – summer favorites

passion-flower-pictures[ passion flower pictures ]

Taking passion flower pictures is an absolute favorite summer past time. The swirling tendrils of its climbing vine and intricate flower structure are mesmerizing. The purple passion flower, or maypop, grows well in the extreme Texas heat (and across southeastern US). It produces fragrant flowers later in the summer when other plants in the garden have stopped flowering.

If you’re lucky enough, your vine may also produce fruit with an edible pulp. The unique flower inspired Christian symbolism, each part representing elements from the Passion of Christ. [ more ]


Passion Flower Pictures

My favorite variety is the blue passion flower. It exhibits a more compact flower with white petals and a fringe of blue and purple filaments. Best planted in well drained soil close to something they can climb on, passion flowers are perennial wildflowers that will add interest to your summer garden year after year.
[ passion flower pictures ]