Peacock Painting


"Peacock Standing" Watercolor Peacock Painting watercolor on 140# Strathmore cold press paper [ original painting is available ] ---------------- This peacock painting is inspired by topiaries at the Dallas Arboretum. Exploring the garden is a favorite source of inspiration. Always changing colors, shapes and a peaceful atmosphere create an ideal environment for encouraging creativity. [ see photos ] The … [Read more...]

Summer Colors – Photography


Summer colors are bright and energetic. They invoke memories of the beach and the warmth of the sun. Colors like red, orange, peach and yellow remind us of summer days. These colors can be found in flowers like bougainvillea, sunflowers and echinacea. Summer colors can also be an invitation to relax and enjoy a moment of bliss. Nothing is quite as relaxing as a lazy afternoon with a summer breeze. Birds sing … [Read more...]

Watercolor in Progress


"A Light to Lead the Way" This watercolor in progress is a small study. Trees are painted along a country road in the dark of night. Little lights shimmer in the tree tops, brightening the way for any traveler. … [Read more...]

Landscape Watercolor – End of Summer


An original landscape watercolor of a tree. This sturdy tree is standing in a green meadow, surrounded by swirling gray clouds and a red patch of summer flowers. This surreal landscape would look groovy on any wall. ---------------- "End of Summer" Landscape Watercolor Painting watercolor & ink on cold press paper [ original landscape watercolor is available ] Art Print Cards This landscape watercolor is … [Read more...]

Morning Glory Flower Photography


During the hottest days of summer, before the sun gets too high over the horizon, there is sure to be a morning glory flower blooming - if not dozens of them. They start here later in the summer, and flourish until the end of fall. After a friend expressed her love for them, I was inspired to find a few of my favorite morning glory photos - thank you, Jane! [ morning glory flower photography ] Morning Glory … [Read more...]

Painting of Thistles


This watercolor painting of thistles features hot pink wildflowers waving hello on a summer morning. Happy color dots the landscape. Their rounded tufts are like whimsical creations from a Dr. Seuss book. Thistles growing along our road served as a reference for this watercolor painting. They begin blooming just after the spring wildflowers have started to fade away. Bright pink brushstrokes represent prickly … [Read more...]