Art Print Note Cards

I cut & fold all of my cards “old school”, with an Xacto knife & metal ruler

When I worked in a corporate office, there was an occasional brochure mock-up or logo presentation board to put together, but most of my time was spent in meetings or in front of a computer screen. All of that time I spent away from a hands-on experience made me realize something…

I enjoy making things with my hands.

It was no surprise that when I started painting again, the graphic designer in me took over and soon I had files of note cards ready to print; complete with crop marks for trimming. I researched and found watercolor paper suitable for printing, gathered a collection of X-Acto knives & metal rulers, set-up a drafting board and started creating. I really enjoy the tangible aspect of printing, cutting & folding cards, and find it a rewarding outlet for sharing my art.

Art Print Note Cards

White Daisies – art print note cards
WhiteDaisy3These card sets are perfect for sending a happy hello, giving as a gift or using as invitations for a party. All art print note cards are produced in my home studio. They are printed with vivid, archival inks on heavy watercolor paper and come packaged & sealed with my studio label. Custom orders are always welcome.

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Hand Blown Glass – handmade Halloween


Halloween is also our wedding anniversary – a very special day! Our wedding was full of handmade decorations, and every year we try to add something new to commemorate. Here is our find for Halloween 2013, its the perfect pumpkin!

Midnight Harvest

Hand blown glass pumpkin by Jessie Chesbrough
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