Summer Colors – Photography

Summer colors are bright and energetic. They invoke memories of the beach and the warmth of the sun.

SunflowerSunColors like red, orange, peach and yellow remind us of summer days. These colors can be found in flowers like bougainvillea, sunflowers and echinacea.

Summer colors can also be an invitation to relax and enjoy a moment of bliss.

TreeBarkNothing is quite as relaxing as a lazy afternoon with a summer breeze. Birds sing and clouds tumble by, persuading us to lie back, close our eyes and enjoy the moment. Summer colors like lavender, mossy green and soft brown compliment the relaxing side of the season. These colors can be found in water lilies floating on a pond, or under the shade of a big tree.

Tips for Decorating with Summer Colors: Mix warm colors like peach and yellow with cooler colors like lavender and green to create a sense of sunshine and serenity.

Watercolor in Progress


“A Light to Lead the Way”

This watercolor in progress is a small study. Trees are painted along a country road in the dark of night. Little lights shimmer in the tree tops, brightening the way for any traveler.

Landscape Watercolor – End of Summer


An original landscape watercolor of a tree. This sturdy tree is standing in a green meadow, surrounded by swirling gray clouds and a red patch of summer flowers. This surreal landscape would look groovy on any wall.

“End of Summer”

Landscape Watercolor Painting

watercolor & ink on cold press paper
[ original landscape watercolor is available ]

EndofSummerCardsArt Print Cards
This landscape watercolor is available as a 5 card set. Cards are printed on heavy watercolor paper in my home studio, and come with A1 size envelopes.
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Summer Ends
The grass is dry, just barely green
and the sky begs for rain.
A hot sun waits a little longer
before it starts the day.
Tree branches reach out, full of leaves
and summer ends with a lazy breeze.

Morning Glory Flower Photography


During the hottest days of summer, before the sun gets too high over the horizon, there is sure to be a morning glory flower blooming – if not dozens of them. They start here later in the summer, and flourish until the end of fall. After a friend expressed her love for them, I was inspired to find a few of my favorite morning glory photos – thank you, Jane!

[ morning glory flower photography ]
hearts-vine vines-sky

Morning Glory Flower

butterfly-morningA purple, trumpet-shaped morning glory flower adorns its leafy vine. The flowers open up just before the sun starts spreading across the landscape. If you wake up early enough, you can watch them as they unfold, perfect for sipping coffee and enjoying the sunrise. Once mid-day comes, they twist themselves closed, and wither away.

The morning glory flowers invite butterflies, bumble bees and hummingbirds to dance among their heart shaped leaves. The vines are relentless, growing upward and engulfing everything they come upon. They wrap around each other, forming thick ropes that spiral toward the sky.

This variety of morning glory grows well in the hot summer sun; tolerating draught, intense heat and pests. They provide nectar for butterflies, bees and humming birds that visit the garden. The morning glory flower comes in many varieties, usually purple with blue or pink hues.
[ more about morning glory ]

Painting of Thistles


This watercolor painting of thistles features hot pink wildflowers waving hello on a summer morning. Happy color dots the landscape. Their rounded tufts are like whimsical creations from a Dr. Seuss book. Thistles growing along our road served as a reference for this watercolor painting. They begin blooming just after the spring wildflowers have started to fade away.

Bright pink brushstrokes represent prickly flower heads, with a sprawling yellow-green field and leafy trees in the background. This painting of thistles will add a bright pop of color to any wall.

“Texas Thistles”

watercolor painting of thistles

10.5″ x 14.5″ (paper size is 11″ x 15″)

[ original painting is available ]