Wildflower Watercolor Paintings in progress


Spend a little time exploring the Texas countryside between spring and summer, and you’re sure to see fields full of wildflowers. They adorn the roadsides, making leisurely drives through the country feel like you’re taking a drive through a painting. The wildflowers provide undeniable inspiration for painting.

Wildflower Watercolor Paintings

These paintings illustrate a few of my favorite wildflowers as they grow wild and free in the Texas meadow. Colorful indian blanket spread out on the horizon covering the ground in orange-red and yellow. Black-eyed Susan flowers look like a pool of sunshine when massed together, and big, wooly thistles dot the horizon with their hot pink tufts.

Summer Thistles

Just as spring flowers start to fade away, slender green stalks grow tall above the grass. The summer thistles look like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book, with their tufts of hot pink swaying together in the slightest breeze. Prickly, bright pink flower heads pop open, spotting the fields with color and keeping the butterflies and bees happy.


Summer Thistles

[ thistle photography ]
summerthistleMany wildflowers are classified as thistles. The ones we see during Texas summers are pinkish purple, but they also come in other colors and shapes. Thistles are best left in the ground, as they attract lots of bugs and small birds, and are often covered in prickles. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across a large group of them, you can smell their sweet fragrance. After flowering, they produce thistledown that blows away like a wish in the wind. [ more ]

Surreal Art – original watercolor painting

This surreal art painting is inspired by the caves, and desert surroundings of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. A watercolor painting that would look groovy in any room.


surreal art

watercolor on cold press paper

[ original surreal art is available ]

Things that Grow in the Dark
After experiencing the darkness of the cave in Carlsbad Caverns, perceptions start to change. Strange shapes peak out of the darkness, and thoughts become full of color. Curiosity is at its peak, what other things lie beneath the Earth? What grows in places our eyes cannot see?

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
3225 National Parks Highway
Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220

May Flowers – Indian Blanket Flower Photos


Indian Blanket Flower Photos

Wow! If you’ve driven anywhere around North Texas lately, you’re bound to have seen indian blanket flower patches growing in abundance. So many flowers are clustered together, they’re staying true to their name – spreading over the fields like a colorful red and yellow blanket.

[ indian blanket flower photo ]

In North Central Texas the indian blanket flowers come up in the spring, just as fields of blue bonnets start to fade. The landscape turns from hues of blue to bright red and yellow. Long green grass provides a contrasting backdrop. Its a great opportunity to take lots of indian blanket flower photos.

Flower Facts: Also known as blanketflower or firewheel, indian blanket are often seen along the roadside across the Southwest United states. The pinwheel like wildflowers are easy to grow in hot dry areas, and are popular roadside & field plantings. They are also the state wildflower of Oklahoma.
[ more about Indian Blanket flowers, Gaillardia pulchella ]

Painting Mother Nature – in progress

painting-mother-nature-progress “Holding Pear”, painting Mother Nature – in progress

Spring always brings with it plenty of inspiration. It is a time when new life comes popping up through the dreary grey of winter as a promise of the colorful landscapes to come.

Painting Mother Nature

Spring weather means warmer days and strong storms. Days without rain are spent preparing the garden. Walks become a daily routine. Mornings are spent enjoying the sunrise, and afternoons spent searching for flowers to photograph.

Ideas for painting Mother Nature appear in a sketchbook. Soon after, paint in spring colors goes onto paper and the studio fills up with watercolor paintings in progress. Paintings of flowers, stormy skies and representations of new beginnings.

Holding Pear
Spring arrives washing away
the long darkness of Winter days

Storms rain down and strong winds blow
Colors appear as the trees and flowers grow

Everything that has come to an end
makes room for new things to begin

Mother Nature heals her wear
Nurturing the soil and holding pear