Favorite Flowers – Magnolia Photography

May provided the perfect opportunity for magnolia photography, with all of the buds still left to bloom on our tree. The southern magnolia is one of my favorite spring flowers. Its large fragrant blooms smell so sweet, and are fun to watch from the time they bud to the day they open.

Pro Tip: Cut magnolia flowers at the base (leaving a little stem) and float in a glass bowl for a romantic centerpiece

The Southern Magnolia (grandiflora) is a classic here in the southern United States. The tree can grow quite large, and its dense foliage provides lots of shade. Shiny dark green leaves stay green year-round, and the scent of the flowers is absolutely intoxicating.


Magnolia Photography

These flower photos will look sweet in any room.

This magnolia photography was taken while walking around our spring garden. Photographs feature big, white flowers on a muted background – perfect for any office, nursery or bedroom.

Summer Colors – Photography

Summer colors are bright and energetic. They invoke memories of the beach and the warmth of the sun.

SunflowerSunColors like red, orange, peach and yellow remind us of summer days. These colors can be found in flowers like bougainvillea, sunflowers and echinacea.

Summer colors can also be an invitation to relax and enjoy a moment of bliss.

TreeBarkNothing is quite as relaxing as a lazy afternoon with a summer breeze. Birds sing and clouds tumble by, persuading us to lie back, close our eyes and enjoy the moment. Summer colors like lavender, mossy green and soft brown compliment the relaxing side of the season. These colors can be found in water lilies floating on a pond, or under the shade of a big tree.

Tips for Decorating with Summer Colors: Mix warm colors like peach and yellow with cooler colors like lavender and green to create a sense of sunshine and serenity.

Beauty is All Around Us

At least once a week, I ride into the city for the day. As much as I love living in the country, I also enjoy the shopping options a big city like Dallas has to offer. When I’m in town, I do a little art supply, thrift store, and/or grocery shopping, take photos at the lake, the park, or on the street, and work on projects while sipping a cold beverage in the afternoon (usually of the Starbucks variety).

Its refreshing to find beauty in unexpected places

I recently spotted a small strip between the street curb and a parking lot that had been planted with wild flowers. It was such a pretty juxtaposition – the brightly colored flowers backed by drab concrete streets and buildings. I had to stop and take some pictures.
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