Landscape Painting – End of Winter


landscape painting

This landscape painting is inspired by a late winter horizon – spotted with the silhouettes of juniper trees, yellow-green fields of grass, and the deep red of a setting sun behind swirling clouds. A watercolor painting that would add a bit of color to any room.

“End of Winter”
watercolor & ink on cold press paper

[ original landscape painting is available ]

End of Winter
On the winter horizon, there sets the sun.
A deep red glow when the day is done.
Behind the clouds reflecting colors,
over the fields – no sign of others.
Night birds take flight one by one,
from the tree silhouettes as evening comes.

Landscape Painting – original watercolor

This tree is the center of view from our front porch. I’ve spent countless mornings greeted by the sun coming up over the horizon, illuminating this large, wild tree growing all alone in the wide open field.

The last couple of summers have been hard on the tree, with drought and extreme heat. It did not grow full with leaves last season; the foliage was sparse and one side has slowly leaned further to the ground. This painting commemorates the beauty and breadth of the tree, and the lasting impression it will have on my memory.

6.25 X 4.5, watercolor on cold press paper for the #twitterartexhibit

“Hello World”
watercolor on cold press paper
original size – 6.25in. x 4.5in.
original date – 12/2012
This painting was donated to the #twitterartexhibit

in progress:

The Lady of White Rock Lake – original watercolor

This watercolor painting was originally created for “The Lady” exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.

“On the Surface”
watercolor on 140# cold press paper
original size – 5″ x 10″
date – 09/2011
[ original available for purchase ]

The ghost of a girl in her early 20s appears at night, her clothes dripping wet. A car driving by the lake will stop. The girl tells the driver she had an accident and needs to get home. When the driver arrives at the given address, the girl is gone, leaving only a waterlogged seat. The driver then learns after knocking on the door of the house that the girl drowned when she fell out of a boat on the lake at night many years ago…more >

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