Handmade Valentines

(originally published 02/2013)
valentine-feature Giving someone something special for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or induce anxiety. In my opinion, handmade Valentines come from the heart. Here is an easy DIY you can make in a few minutes with materials you should have around the house (or office).

1) Awesome Valentine print file
[ download AwesomeValentine.pdf ]
2) Desktop printer/plain white paper
3) Markers, Pens or other writing utensils

The following materials are optional
4) Scissors & stapler
5) Brightly colored or printed on scrap paper (junk mail, newspaper, magazine, office memo)


Download & Print the “Awesome Valentine” PDF file
[ download AwesomeValentine.pdf ]
* You can proceed to step #4, as all other steps are optional


Fold a piece of scrap paper (magazine page, sheet of newspaper, junk mail) in half, with the “back” side facing out. Draw some half-heart shapes along the folded edge of the paper.


Cut out the heart shapes and staple them onto the printed Valentine. Put the staple in the fold to give the hearts a groovy 3-D effect.


Write in their name & include a nice note from you.
Pro tip: Add their favorite chocolate bar, beer, bottle of wine or invite for *dinner*

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!